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Analyze, share and publish your newly collected data or review and update your previous data.Make your workflow and decision making effective by creating accurate and timely information in a fast and user friendly way.The purpose of this article is to provide a clear definition and meaning of the term "Graphic MSAG".

Companies that store and transport perishable commodities or deliver safe energy to consumers rely on Esri's Real-Time GIS to monitor data feeds from distributed sensors for better customer service. Analyzing locations and connections to social activities in real time?Well, that’s a formula for beating the competition to the punch by seeing who, what, and where people are talking about your products and services.Companies, like Waze, give their partners access to Esri's real-time analytics capabilities to drive a greater understanding of their customers, which then drives business success.As if we need additional acronyms or catchy terminology for defining the latest and greatest that technology has to offer, there is a new buzzword in the 9-1-1 field.Recent 9-1-1 related documentation out of California and Texas has referred to it. Public safety conferences will have more and more presentations on the topic as well. This term is "Graphic MSAG." As with most new technology or software solutions, there tends to be a wide range of opinions regarding what a general consensus for a definition may actually be.For this reason, the graphic, or mapping portion of the term "Graphic MSAG" refers to the use of Geographic Information Systems, also known as GIS.


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