Dating someone who dealt drugs dating someone who dealt drugs

But the statistics for marriages involving a person who has bipolar disorder are especially sobering—an estimated 90 percent of these end in divorce, according to a November 2003 article, “Managing Bipolar Disorder,” in Psychology Today.

But their sex life left much to be desired for both partners, and then petered out altogether.

Joseph says his wife would sometimes decide not to go to the , the ritual bath required of Hasidic women after they menstruate to “purify” them, making them once again sexually available to their husbands.

According to Jewish law, if Joseph’s wife had not gone to the baths, he was forbidden from touching her, much less having sex with her.

Many of us also see the perfect opportunity to be an emotional airbag or to fix, heal, help – we end up on a pedestal.

Even when confronted with code amber behaviour, we don’t process the information, pause, access what it means to us and the relationship that we have in mind or our vision of the other person.


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