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Moreover, neither Baffin Advisors LLC nor its parent company have any commercial relationship with a broker dealer.

Our only source of revenues is our clients’ compensation, consistent with our SEC registration.

Our clients have total access to our tax and regulatory filings. Our ideas (as published in this site) are purely for informational purposes, and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

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RIMMER: But you're not giving me the right replies! RIMMER: I come up to you and say, "Excuse me, would you like to join me instant? Baffin Advisors LLC and its parent company are based in the United States of America, and comply by the laws, rules and regulations of that country.Baffin Advisors LLC is fully owned by the Baffin Capital Group LLC, which is majority owned by the managing partner of Baffin Advisors LLC.Rate: by 34 visitors, sexy busty teen masturbating in the bushes.The Monthly membership cost is a special low xxx midget hookup price option available to our users).Our firm number at the SEC is 151202, and our regulatory filing can be found at


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