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Some owners may want certain company assets, and other owners may want other company assets. Do you have the votes needed under the company’s operating agreement and local LLC law to authorize the LLC’s dissolution and liquidation? Our LLC, like most, is a partnership for tax purposes, and we, the owners, are partners for tax purposes.

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This book extensively discusses the tax issues involved in forming and operating an LLC (chaps 4-5), as well as in converting an existing entity to an. Business and other nontax factors to consider in selecting the LLC form of business (chaps 3, 6), as well as filing requirements (chap 7), concerns relating to securities laws and issuance of membership interests (chap 12), and LLC operation (chap 13) and dissolution (chap 16) are also discussed This book also provides long-and short-form annotated operating agreements, with a discussion of when to use these forms (chaps 8-10).

Are they tired of discussing its operations with you?

Do you or the other owners covet the company’s assets?

He has served as a court appointed mediator, responsible person, receiver, umpire, fiscal agent, arbitrator and has acted (along with Bederson) as the bankruptcy and financial consultant to the Futures Representatives in the asbestos bankruptcies of G-1 Holdings, Federal-Mogul, NARCO, A. Green (Global Industrial Technologies, Inc.), and Acand S. Bond served as the Future Claimants’ representative in State Insulation Corp’s asbestos-related bankruptcy. He was appointed to the board of directors of the reorganized (Chapter 11) Pittsburgh Corning Corporation and Pittsburgh Corning Europe. Bond is included in the Register of Mediators of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of New Jersey.

In April 2013, he was appointed independent managing director in the Oak Rock Financial bankruptcy matter. Bond was appointed CRO for EZ Mailing Services, Inc. He is treasurer, executive committee and board member of East Orange General Hospital; member of Maplewood Country Club’s board of directors and has served on the Daughters of Israel board of directors.


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