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Once these skills are acquired, the reader can attain full language literacy, which includes the abilities to apply to printed material critical analysis, inference and synthesis; to write with accuracy and coherence; and to use information and insights from text as the basis for informed decisions and creative thought.

A person who travels and resides in a foreign country but is unable to read or write in the language of the host country would also be regarded by the locals as being illiterate.

-- Third Eye Blind is coming to Indianapolis this July as part of the “Summer Gods Tour.

the band’s history of hits is relatively short (“semi-charmed life,” “jumper, and “how’s it going to be” all reached the billboard top 10 in the late ‘90s), third eye blind’s legal history is far more storied.

The song, Naam-e-Wafa, is a romantic-duet with Indian vocalist Tulsi Kumar as the co-singer and Mithoon as the composer.

Farhan started his acting career by debuting in a leading role in the 2014 Hum TV drama serial De Ijazat Jo Tu alongside Sohai Ali Abro, Saba Hameed and Javaid Sheikh.


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