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These features can be creatively used to rescue trapped gear.

Problem: In most cases, a properly placed nut will be set by pulling down and outward (towards the outside of a crack or flair), where it becomes stuck in its position. Pro Tip: If you don’t have a built in palm protector on your nut tool, wrap the end of your nut tool with tape to save your hand. Solution: The trick is to fully trigger the cam and pull it out with the hook end of the nut tool. But in the case where a single lobe is stuck or trapped behind a positive edge in a crack, the hook end of the tool is used to grab a cutout section in a lobe or “lightning hole” in a cam or tricam and wiggle it free. This You Tube video shows these methods in action (I queued the video to in, as the first few tips were how not to get it stuck in the first place): 1.

Sometimes, mid-climb while enjoying the views at the belay station, you’ll hear an irate scream from your follower below.

Strange grunts and words echoing up in the form of, “What the #[email protected]&%*! am I supposed to to get this piece of gear out?!?!!?

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There are around 20 nut tools commercially available in the US with many options under .

Each tool come equipped with different features such as built-in biners, grabby wings, hooks, etc.

She’s just trying to grind it out and squat her way to the top of the big butt game, when Ramon starts crowding her in the squat rack.

If it wasn’t bad enough that he’s trying to rush her sets, he starts to mansplain proper technique.


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