Updating 2 tables in sql

Last week, John Eric dropped a bomb shell on me, demonstrating how to update a table in conjunction with a SQL JOIN statement.

It also describes many of the more important SQL statements that are used for the following types of operations: My SQL's SQL statements can be grouped into several broad categories; Table 3.1 lists some representative statements for each. We often use join clauses to query rows in a table that have (in the case of INNER JOIN) or may not have (in the case of LEFT JOIN) corresponding rows in another table.Fluency with SQL is necessary for effective communication with the My SQL server, because that is the language that it understands.This chapter points out such equivalences where appropriate.Experts, I wanted to join two tables and update a single column as -1 This statement is giving errors.Since I don't have any tables ready to play with, I have created three in-memory SQL tables: boy, girl, and relationship.


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